Young Lighter of the Year Finalist 2018

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Last week in London, I presented my KTH master thesis ” Light As A Medium To Enhance Communication In Urban Spaces” at the Luxlive2018 event, as one of the four Young Lighter of the Year finalists. It was a great honor to be selected as a finalist and have this opportunity to present my research in front of people I admire, lighting professionals and designers.

I am very thankful to the judges and the Society of Light and Lighting for giving me the Best Presentation Award on the Young Lighter of the Year competition!!! Even though I didn’t win the overall prize, I feel deeply thankful for this amazing experience to share my passion in front of the public and talk about the power of light from a social perspective. Congratulations to Emma Beable, the overall winner, Carla Piatti and Sanny Yuwono for being finalists on this year’s competition! It’s always a great pleasure to meet other young lighting designers with fresh ideas and inspiring projects!

This research was an amazing journey that took me from Stockholm to Denver, Paris, Athens and finally London with the guidance of my tutor Thomas Schielke and the support of lighting designers, researchers and people who I admire and greatly appreciate! A huge thank you goes to Valerie Aubine who endlessly practiced with me and encouraged me throughout this marvelous adventure!

I feel blessed to be surrounded by amazing people who trust and support me, mentor and inspire me every single day to pursue my dreams. Taking part in a competition was a significant challenge and I would like to encourage you all to set up your highest dreams and goals. It is never too late and the sky is definitely not the limit!

If you are a young lighting designer you should definitely participate next year! It’s an enormous opportunity to present your research and excitement in front of professionals and people who share the same passion!

Find more here  🙂

THANK YOU ALL for your wishes, positive vibes and support from all over the world!!

You can see below my submitted competition video pitch, recorded in April 2017 in Athens, with the creative support of my friend Lina Stamati! Thank you Lina!





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