Women in Lighting panel @Clerkenwell Design Week 2019

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Today, I got a notification from my archives and I decided I should revisit this wonderful experience. Clerkenwell Design Week, CDW19 has supported our beloved project of Light Collective supported by Formalighting and archifosWomen in Lighting! Women In Design panel organized by Darc magazine was hosted by WIL UK Ambassador Greta Smetoniute from Michael Grubb Studio. Inspiring and diverse panel guests included: Lauren Lever from Foundry Lighting, Katia Kolovea from Urban Electric London, Faye Robinson from Enigma Lighting, and Anna Kharchenkova from Light Bureau.

All panelists_women in lighting at Clerkenwell Design Week

During the panel, we all shared our personal stories of our journey in design as women and what problems we have encountered, as well as, what issues we see in the design industries. Personally, I find very important the role of the communities. Groups of people with similar interests who are willing to share and exchange ideas and knowledge unconditionally. That was my personal feeling when I met the other panelists on that day. Together with Greta, we were the youngest participants of the panel and I could say that straight away, I felt the positive energy and the knowledge that Anna, Lauren, and Faye were spreading towards us and the audience. Thank you Greta, Faye, Lauren and Anna!

I am very grateful that my first participation in a panel discussion took place in London during Clerkenwell Design Week 2019 :-). We all have something valuable to offer on the discussion and the diverse level of professional experiences among the panelists, could touch the topic from different perspectives and observe the changes within the generations.

You can check the panel discussion here > Feel free to share your thoughts 🙂

In the end, as Greta Smetoniute summarized: “It was established that it is more than the lack of female representation and day to day sexism, but much broader problem. All panelists had a shared point, that progress will be made, only by open conversations and collaborations, respect and true care for each other between the different genders.”

Clerkenwell Design Week_ TheSpac e_Fabric

Hands up to Women In Lighting project and all of those who are participating and supporting it!


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