Where The Rainbow Ends by Urban Electric London @darc awards

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Where The Rainbow Ends @ darc awards🌈✨

This project is all about Emotions, Choreography and Blended Prismatic Laser Light.

This project means a lot to me as a lighting designer, It was an inspiring artistic collaboration between Urban Electric Company, the artist; Germans Ermics and Instagram. I am very happy to share that we are shortlisted for the @darc awards, Category: ART: HIGH BUDGET

Katia Kolovea Where the Rainbow Ends
© Urban Electric London, Photo by Jim Fenwick

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Where The Rainbow Ends is a site-specific immersive installation. A small glass architecture was created by Latvian artist Germans Ermic̆s commissioned by Instagram. In June 2019 it was installed on la Plage Barriere in Cannes, France as part of the Lions Festival of Creativity.

Glass Pavilion
© Urban Electric London, Photo by Jim Fenwick

The structure’s exterior was formed in full-spectrum reflective glass with a white, satin glass applied to the internal space. Augmenting the interior were two complementing furnishings by the artist. The intended artistic expression of the opaque interior was to explore a communal yet personal experience; seeking out the ‘light’ within yourself, with the option to photograph and share the experience on social media. In contrast to the external mirror surfaces where the viewer was subject to reflected variegation of their environment, the neutral interior aspect provided a blank canvas.

Interior Space Where The Rainbow Ends
© Urban Electric London, Photo by Jim Fenwick
Where The Rainbow Ends
© Urban Electric London, Photo by Jim Fenwick

The client’s desire to project white light through glass prisms was a natural demonstration of the scientific principle of how a rainbow is formed. By pursuing a developmental process upon meeting Germans in our studio, we and the Instagram team in America envisioned a more paradoxical approach. The introduction of a 180-second time-line loop of sound, and changing scenes of light, was one of the key decisions in expanding the narrative. Synchronising melded spectra with a sonic spectrum, fringed, light ‘speckle’ generated a holistic actuality. The shifting hues formed here possessing a surreal holographic quality, further immersing the observer into a cocoon of calming hallucinatory auras.

© Urban Electric London, Photo by Jim Fenwick

The serene, cuboid interior required a respectful approach to equipment integration. Already under construction, the set parameters of the structure demanded a precise understanding and utilisation of available recess space. Experimentation with reflection and emerging laser technologies led to the commission of bespoke engineered elements to be sited above the ceiling surface concealed in the fabric of the construct. In collaboration with StanWax UK, 42 fixed beam lasers were assembled into arrays for alignment with precision optical accessories developed by Dedolight, Germany. The glass pavilion fabricated by SIX and Van Dijken Glas. Pharos Architectural Controls and Bang & Olufsen audio were included in the installation.

Color Shadows
© Urban Electric London, Photo by Jim Fenwick

A range of six monochromatic colours was targeted towards small reflective metal tiles recessed at the edge of a similar circular passive ceiling piece. We could deflect and soften the laser beams towards the central target from a full 360° circumference. Subtractive mixing of any combination of laser sources and direction, via DMX programming, generated the optimal effects and light modelling. The large circular passive tile mirrored the viewers’ experience in the zenith.

Ceiling Where The Rainbow Ends
© Urban Electric London, Photo by Jim Fenwick

By further re-imagining the end of the Rainbow we engage the mind. Silhouettes and trans-figurative forms that were recorded shifted the perspective of the viewer from an outward-looking engagement towards an inner seeing contemplation of the self.

If you are an independent lighting designer, light artist, interior designer or architect you are eligible to vote in darc awards website, in order to attend the Awards night on the 5th of December. The 18th of November is the last day to vote for your favourite projects 🙂 VOTE HERE

Let me know if you are planning to attend the awards night✨✨✨

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