“Tunnel to the Future” Nattljus Light Festival

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KTH lighting installation Nattljus festival
KTH Team “Tunnel to the Future “


“Tunnel to the Future” is our temporary lighting installation from this year’s edition Nattljus light festival in Eskilstuna designed by 5 KTH master lighting students: Viola Deti, Katia Kolovea, Christina Polychronopoulou, Madara Timrota and Saleem Siam. With our professors guidance Isabel Dominquez and Rodrigo Muro, we came up with an interactive installation where the festival’s visitors were able to experience a story of the past, present and future of Eskilstuna through light.

Nattljus festival lighting installation KTH


Our main goal was to create an attractive spot in the middle of the tunnel which was the interpretation of the

 Bright and Colorful Future of Eskilstuna.

KTH Nattljus festival installation

We invited the visitors of the festival, to enterthe door of the “bright future” and interact!

lighting installation KTH students

We are very thankful to all the sponsors who provided KTH lighting laboratory the required lighting fixtures in order to create our installations.(Siteco, Lumenpulse, etc.)

We especially thank Iguzzini for providing us the “trick360” lighting fixture and for sharing our installation pictures on social media.


Check here the official website for “Nattljus festival” in Eskilstuna

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