My lighting design experience in SNNC 2016

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 In September 2016, I  started working as Lighting manager in the Student Nobel Night Cap party. Students’ Nobel NightCap is created by students to celebrate the Nobel laureates. Taking place after the Nobel Banquet the 10th of December, it is a magical occasion with a different spectacular (and secret!) theme every year.

This year, the party took place in Nymble which is the THS building in KTH and its secret theme was games. All the rooms of Nymble
was transformed with decorations and lighting into games like twister, tetris, pac-man, truth-dare, warcraft, trivial persuit, candy crush, minecraft, monopoly, steampunk, sims, battlefield, pokemon go, chess, forest, casino, mariokart, domino and many more.

During these months, we were organizing all the technical details, planning the lighting for each indoor and outdoor room and have meetings with all the area managers who were designing the interior design of the space. It was a very long process and I am very excited that I had the chance to participate and create the lighting atmospheres of the rooms with the light and sound team.

It was a spectacular evening with many guests and activities. During the night of the event, we were responsible to check the lights and inspect the space. Generally, the most difficult days were the last 48 hours before the event, when all the decorations were finished and we had access to all of the rooms to work with our lighting equipment.

Fortunately, we had plenty of professional dynamic lights for concerts and performances and our mission was to create the lighting atmosphere of each room regarding the interior designer feeling petition for every space.

It was a very educative experience because we collaborate with many people with different backgrounds, organize a complete lighting project and learned many new things through testing the lights in combination with textures, materials, and dimensions of the space.

Find more about the Student Nobel Night Cap here.

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