Simon Malmström Inspiring Interview

Simon Malmström along with Magnus Almung were the project heads for Site number 4: Concern. I was delighted to have a very interesting conversation with Simon on the last day of the Lights in Alingsas workshop.

Short Bio:

Simon Malmström is a lighting designer that always strives to work with light from a sustainable point of view in which the people always should be put in the center of the design. Light is the link between human beings and the built environment and that ´s what makes it so special and fun to work with. Simon has been working with a broad variety of projects that spreads from the interior and exterior public environments to interior offices and housing projects and light is the first mention that he most gladly take on.


What makes you passionate about your daily work?

The ability to affect something, to create something that makes a difference. Doing projects that are meaningful to the common people and ad values to projects 24/7. I found most fun the projects ( interior or exterior) that are social places for the human beings.


Can you describe Lights in Alingsas workshop week in 5 words?


© Patrik Gunnar Helin


Would you like to share the secret for making this team work so well in 5 days?

It is very important to make the group understand that this is a project that we create together as a team. Together you need to create a clear goal regarding the design as well as the timeline and make sure that everybody is on the same page!!! During the workshop, we divided the work into different tasks and smaller groups and then we were giving the opportunity to the smaller groups to comment on the other groups’ work

© Patrik Gunnar Helin


What development would you like to see in the lighting design field in the next five years?

We have to ask ourselves why are we doing lighting design. I would like to see more dedicated work with a clear goal in mind. We must also always remember that no matter the size of the project, we always design for people. Of course, sometimes working with light can end up with beautiful pictures and (if lucky) winning awards, but that can never be the end goal of why we are working as lighting designers.

What advice would you give to a passionate young designer who is starting now his career?

Make sure that you listen to everyone. Not only architects and lighting designers. Everyone! If lighting is your passion just go for it and try to evolve and do the things that suit you. Last but not least, make sure that you have fun during the process!


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