The Light Club: Networking and City Lights May 2021

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The Light Club on Clubhouse:

Welcome to the Light Club. Hello all and welcome to this first post about Clubhouse on this platform. Clubhouse is an invitation-only social media app for iOS. The app facilitates auditory communication through rooms that can accommodate groups of up to 5,000 people. It launched last April in 2020 and right now an android version is being developed. We are not going to go technical here but if you have any question, feel free to ask 🙂

A few months ago, Martin Lupton from Light Collective, and I, created the Light Club where we are hosting every Wednesday a weekly room at 2:30 UK time. Light Club is a place to share our passion for light, lighting design, light and architecture, light and art, light and everything.

The Light Club Programme:

We recently started building on our new structure for Light Club and we are rolling on a 4-week Programme moving between Interviews, Networking, and Inspiration based sessions.  So far we have hosted two interviews, the first one was with the Lighting Designer, Koert Vermeulen, director of ACTLD, and the second one with Jason Boyle, Nuclear Architect at Sellafield LTD.

About last week:

Last Wednesday the 5th of May, we organized a networking room with a light focus where we asked everyone to come up on stage, introduce themselves and share their favorite city from a lighting perspective.

Due to the great interaction and engagement, we decided to create a list with the cities that were mentioned followed by some visual references. Most photos here are from Thank you all for joining us on stage!

I greatly enjoyed this virtual flying tour around the world!!

Let’s start with the cities now:

Martin Lupton: Copenhagen | Keywords: dark, subtle, amazing 50’s neon & Tokyo Japan

Copenhagen – Denmark
Tokyo – Japan

Katia Kolovea: San Francisco | Keywords: Leo Villarreal Bay Lights San Francisco Bay Bridge

Skyline, San Francisco – USA

Michael Immecke: Paris & Sweden in winter | Keywords: City of Light, Stockholm: warmth, lights on windows

Paris – France
Stockholm – Sweden
Stockholm – Sweden

Beata Denton: Florence | Keywords: Italy and interior lighting, Duomo Facade, Amazing night quality.

Skyline, Florence – Italy
Florence – Italy

Joe Vose: Montreal, Place d’Artes

Montreal – Place des Arts © Caroline Bergeron

Panos Ioannidis: Porto in Portugal | Views along the canal

Porto – Portugal

Ahmed Bayashout: Berlin and Dubai Skyline + visit EXPO Dubai 

Berlin – Germany
Dubai – UAE

David Gilbey: Rome | Keywords: personality and golden glow

Rome – Italy

Chad Tiller: Vegas and Marfa Texas (Light Art – Donal Judd) and the mysterious Marfa Lights

Las Vegas – Nevada
Las Vegas – Nevada

Pavel Evstratov: St Petersburg Russia 

St Petersburg – Russia

Koert Vermeulen: Lyon, the mother of city lighting masterplans, first light festival 

Lyon – France
Fête des Lumières, Light Festival in Lyon

Gerardo Padilla: New York | Skyline, Reflected sunlight, Rivers of Light (comment by Martin Lupton) and Prada Marfa

New York – USA
New York – USA
Prada Marfa – Permanent sculptural art installation

Martina Alagna: Kyoto | Illuminated city, candle lanterns, short lamp posts, low-level lighting

Kyoto – Japan
Kyoto – Japan

Sophie Hoyal: London | What is the best city for lighting and why Sketch 🙂

Sophie’s Sketch 🙂

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