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Light and Building 2016 ©archifos, Photo: Katia Kolovea
What is Light and Building fair:

Light + Building is the world’s leading trade fair for lighting and building-services technology. It takes place in Frankfurt every two years and it is the world’s biggest event for lighting, electrical technology, home and building automation.

Apart from the different kinds of architectural lighting products, decorative fixtures, sensors, drivers and everything related to lighting technology, innovations, and systems, many parties are being hosted by various lighting manufactures (For me personally, parties are one of my favorites ways to combine networking, beers, and inspiration exchange). There are also many seminars, small conferences from lighting designers, light performances, even short 3D cinema movies followed by a popcorn cap (that is a very cool break, especially after a very long day of walking with plenty of books, brochures, and magazines on your bag)

Light and Building 2016 ©archifos, Photo: Katia Kolovea
What you really need for  ” Light and Building”: 
  • Definitely your Business Cards. No matter if you are a student, a recent graduate or a professional lighting designer, architect, etc, you must have your cards with you. You might think that business cards are old fashioned however, it is still essential to carry a business card.It provides an easy way of letting other people get in touch with you and it is more personal than a digital contact exchange. Companies, in particular, can contact you easier and you will be able to establish a contact with a specific person that showed you some products. Finally, you can meet people from design studios all over the world. You never know where you will find the best working opportunity. So, just have a card with you!
  • Comfortable shoes, comfortable bag. It is likely that you are going to spend many hours walking from one building to another. (Did I tell you that we are talking about five different buildings? Yeah… one day is not nearly enough) So, don’t put on your favorite fashionable shoes, but something very comfortable. Walking around, you will realize that you might want to take some catalogs, magazines and other things that companies provide. Unfortunately, I remember myself in my first visit, holding my personal bag plus five more heavy “tote bags”. It is probably better to have one bigger bag with you and take only what you really want to keep from the fair. Be sure to not take the same catalogs and magazines again and again!! (I am mentioning that because I did it!! x) )
  • I would recommend that you have some snacks with you, like an energy bar, a sandwich or biscuits. Even though there are many company stands inside the fair that provides snacks and drinks, the restaurants of the fair were always very crowded and there were many moments when I wanted to eat fast and move from one building to another without spending the time to search for snacks.
  • Energy and positive vibes!! L+B is one of the moments when you realize how many hours every day has and how fast every hour can pass. You need to be excited and curious to learn and discover many new things that you didn’t know before. Everything is a matter of attitude and I can assure you that if you are positive you will find out unlimited sources of inspiration out there.
    Light and Building 2016 ©archifos, Photo: Katia Kolovea
How to organize your visit:

The fair is extremely big so I will present two ways to get the most out of your visit. The bits of advice that are mentioned above are results of my personal experience, as well as the advice of professional lighting designers.

Light and Building 2016 ©archifos, Photo: Katia Kolovea
  1. You are probably working on some projects and you are looking for the perfect products that match with your ideas. That makes your life easier since you can organize your research by companies, products categories, etc.
    Light and Building 2016 ©archifos, Photo: Katia Kolovea
  2. If not, you should download the fair app for smartphones and research about your favorite and most innovative companies that you must visit. Of course, by walking at the different booths you are going to discover a wide variety of companies and products that you didn’t expect.
Light and Building 2016 ©archifos, Photo: Katia Kolovea



PS.  You can also go without a plan, be patient and enjoy the journey! Good luck ; -)

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