KTH Lighting Design Laboratory celebrates 20 years!

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Alumni, current and future students of the KTH Lighting Design Laboratory are you ready for this celebration?

This week on the 10th and the 11th of December 2020, we will all be celebrating the Lighting Design Laboratory’s 20 years of existence! Since the year 2000, this fantastic education created by Jan & Agneta Ejhed continues educating Lighting Designers from all over the World. I am extremely happy as a former student of the program and would like to invite you all to join us! You can REGISTER HERE 🙂

archifos celebrates the 20TH anniversary of the Lighting Laboratory KTH

By coming together and talk about light, while enjoying a bite, “light for food”, we will take a look into the past 20 years and look forward to 20 more. We will host several digital round tables at different “locations” for former students to meet. Please send us a request for sending you the link based on your current location to rema@kth.se.

We have created sessions for Australia, Brazil, Germany, Greece, Israel, Iran, Mexico+Chile, UEA, UK, US, Thailand, Japan+China, and Sweden. Sessions will be open for the extended lighting family to attend as observers for the conversations held by today’s lighting design professionals, prior-kth students. At each session, mics will be open at some point to get in touch with all.

Hoping to see you all at this celebration which is also a very well-deserved recognition of the efforts of Jan & Agneta!

The Lighting Laboratory team


Lighting Design Laboratory Schedule


“The Lighting Design Laboratory reaches a milestone: Celebrating 20 years. Among others, one way to celebrate and acknowledge Jan & Agneta Ejhed ‘s intellectual edifice, our history, and our future, is to collect and visualize data for the alumni infographics. Where are you now? How are you related to the lighting industry? What type of impact had this education on your personal life? And of course please submit your contact details so we keep in touch for the next 20 years! We really hope you are happy to fill out the form. The protection and privacy of your personal information is a priority to us. All info will be only used for the family database and will not be shared with other individuals or organizations.”

The Lighting Laboratory team

Are you a Lighting Laboratory alumni? JOIN THE LIGHTING FAMILY TREE HERE

Lighting Design Laboratory EVENT



Lighting Design Laboratory
That is my first lighting family. The ALD2016

If you are interested to find more about the Architectural Lighting Master at KTH you can read this fantastic in-depth interview in the recent issue of the arc magazine!

Or you can read further information here.

As many of you have asked me to share my personal experiences as a former student at the KTH Lighting Laboratory, I am planning to write a complete review here in the next few weeks. STAY TUNED 🙂

I will close this blogpost with a few pictures until we share online the full review.

Lighting Design Laboratory THE CLOUD  FOOD TIME Lighting Laboratory KTH
International Light food
Lighting Design Laboratory THE CLOUD  ALD 16 17
Class ALD16-17 – Final Review

In 2016, we were 22 students and it was the first year in a new building, the “cloud”. The Cloud was on top of a student’s residency building inside the main KTH campus. The Cloud turned out to be our second home. We were the only students who were using this space and except for attending all the lectures, building our models, and experimenting with lights, we were also using it for studying, sometimes cooking altogether, and a few times, with permission (of course) we even had some ‘lighting’ parties. 

After 4 years, I am still being able to close my eyes and virtually go back on time and feel this wonderful overload of lighting knowledge, passion, experimentation, and creativity.

Katia Kolovea, Founder of Archifos
Lighting Design Laboratory THE CLOUD by archifos
KTH Thesis presentations January 2018, ALD alumnis with Jan Ehjed, Rodrigo Muro and Isabel Dominguez

Lastly, I would like to say a massive thank you to Jan Ejhed and Agneta Ejhed, Federico Favero, Isabel Dominguez, and Rodrigo Muro. Your mentorship, presence, and guidance are what made our experience impactful.

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