The reason why I decided to start the interview part:

I am very passionate about meeting new creative designers who are excited to share their experiences and motivate each other to grow.
Everybody has a personal story, a life journey that has the power to inspire the next generation. I am mostly focusing on that. With these interviews, I want to concentrate on the words "inspiration", "motivation", "passion" and what it means to work and improve your skills everyday. Even though the selection is very personal, there is a wider reason why I have chosen every single person. It is very inspiring to feel the excitement in their words when they speak for their professions and passions. It is wonderful to see the sparkle in their eyes.
Thank you world! Thank you new friends! Let there be light.


archifos interviews katia kolovea
Ivana Zuric
Simon Malmstrom
Miguel Angel V. Calanchini
Lara Elbaz
Johan Moritz