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Very often I get asked by friends to suggest online magazines and interesting resources from the Lighting Design Industry. During this period, I thought that it would be a good idea to gather some of my favorites here with a few links and names that you can follow whenever you are looking for some inspiration, new knowledge or just to stay updated with what is going on. To be honest, I am mostly a book physical paper lover compared to online e-books and resources however I do get the benefits of the online ones especially now when most of my magazines and books are miles away in London.

So let’s start with a few lighting magazines that offer their online version for free:

  1. Arc Magazine
  2. Darc Magazine
  3. Decorative Design Directory
  4. Designing lighting
  5. Illumni
  6. [inst] ALL LIGHT(in Dutch)
  7. Lighting Magazine
  8. Lighting Journal
  9. Lightecture magazine(in Spanish)
  10. Lume Arquitetura(in Portuguese)
  11. L+D (in Portuguese)
  12. Lux editions (in French)
  13. Universal Light
online and offline resources archifos

Other interesting resources for Lighting Inspiration including Interviews and online articles

  1. Archifos: Share The Light
  2. ARC: Lighting in Architecture
  3. Arcdaily: Light Matters
  4. A1lighting magazine
  5. DARC: Decorative Lighting in Architecture
  6. Darc Room Live 2018
  7. Darc Room Live 2019
  8. Designing lighting
  9. High Light (in German)
  10. Illuminotecnica (in Italian)
  11. Light Collective TV
  12. Lightecture (in Spanish)
  13. Lucept
  14. Lux Review
  15. Luxemozione (in Italian)
  16. Ogni casa illuminata (in Italian)
  17. Signify Pioneers of Light
  18. SLL Light Lines
  19. Stirworld
  20. The Light Review
  21. Theatre Art Life
  22. Warmwhite
  23. Wavelength (in Russian)
  24. Women in Lighting Interviews

Lighting Podcasts

  1. Light Lounge
  2. Light: Cities and Architecture
  3. Light Talk Podcast by KLD
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Lighting Books Reccomendations by the Lighting Community

*From time to time, designers, educators, magazines’ editors, have been gathering their favorite inspiring books for people who are interested in resources and inspiration for the Lighting Design Industry. This session will be periodically updated by adding new links and lists.

  1. 77 Best Lighting Design Books by Thomas Schielke in Archdaily
  2. Books for Budding Lighting Designers by Nulty Lighting
  3. Books by Arch Lighting
  4. Books on Stage Lighting by on stage lighting
  5. “WRITING, LIGHTING AND NIGHT: an ever-expanding booklist” by the ILP & NTD

If you have any other recommendations in terms of books, online magazines, and other media that could spread some inspiration and knowledge, please feel free to suggest on the comments session, contact me on social media or text me here. Thank you 🙂

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