Four days in ERCO Light Factory

ERCO – International Summer Lighting Workshop for Students (Workshop in English)

In August 2015, some years ago, I traveled to Lüdenscheid, Germany and participated in the ERCO international summer lighting workshop with 12 more students from around the world. The team was very international, participants from Argentina, Belgium, Chile, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland and Russia shared experiences and created an amazing team for 4 days. In total, it was a very creative and educational experience and Marc Hartings and Benjamin Heine were the best to lead us during the workshop.

archifos at ERCO lighting HQ in Germany

I totally recommend this workshop for architects, interior/lighting designers, mechanical engineering students as well as passionate creatives that are searching more about LIGHT.

The four-day Lighting Workshop in Ludenscheid, provided expert instruction on lighting design, including the perception of light, light sources and architectural, accent and ambient lighting.

We had lectures such as: The history of architectural lighting, Seeing and perceiving, the fundamentals of lighting design, Ambient and accent lighting, Light sources, LED technology, Visual presentation of lighting designs, outdoor lighting, Lighting design data, Lighting stimulation, Scenography, Lighting controls and, most importantly, experience in practice.

We were divided in smaller groups and we worked in two different projects where we had to present our conceptual light approach based on the project, ensuring the theoretical knowledge of lighting design can be directly related to practical applications. The first one was a Hotel spatial analysis and design planning and the second one was a Museum lighting concept and design planning.

The ERCO Light Factory has an extensive range of demonstration tools, special indoor facilities and outdoor grounds at its disposal for studying how diverse lighting effects actually work in practice. My favorite place was the main showroom, where we could experience many different scenarios and hands-on experience, by arranging the lights according to a specific concept for a museum display.

Our tour in the factory was very interesting as well, where we witnessed the long process and high quality of all ERCO products production.

archifos at ERCO lighting HQ in Germany

If you want to learn more about the Erco workshops you can check this page 🙂

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