Darc Awards 2020 Congratulations to our collaborators.

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Since last June, I have been collaborating with Eleftheria Deko and Associates Lighting Design Studio based in Athens and recently I have joined the Studiotech team based in Manchester. With this blog post, I would like to highlight eight projects from those two teams that were recently shortlisted on the Darc Awards 2020!

I am very proud to be collaborating with both studios and I would like to say congratulations and well done to every single one of you who worked on those concepts and wonderful projects.

Collaborating with such a talented team at Eleftheria Deko and Associates Lighting Design Studio and their inspiring leader Eleftheria Deko has been a great pleasure. Eleftheria is an award-winning lighting designer, a mentor, and has been an educator for years encouraging the younger generation to learn about light and lighting. I have greatly respected her from the beginning of my career and she has inspired me with her projects, interviews, and contribution to the industry. I was 11 when I watched the Opening and Closing Ceremony of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, in which Eleftheria was the lighting director, and got impressed by the amazing composition, storytelling, and fantastic lighting show. Who could tell me back then that after 16 years, I would have the chance to meet and work with one of my biggest role models? (…But that’s a story for another day)

As for Studiotech, I very recently joined their team as a communication strategist and consultant. I love the vibe and the energy of their team. Studiotech is a truly collaborative and unique multi-disciplinary team, specializing in co-creation, delivering all aspects of a lighting project from detailed design, bespoke product design, supply, installation, project management right through to commissioning and maintenance. They work with leading end-user clients, renowned architects, lighting designers, light artists, creative agencies, specifiers, main contractors, and electrical contractors. To put it short, they can bring our creative visions as lighting designers to life! Their passion for innovation, their knowledgeable and technically skilled teams, and their focus on people as part of their culture is what inspired me to connect with them.  

Shall we see their shortlisted projects for Darc Awards?


The Darc Awards is the only peer-to-peer award in the lighting industry. Only independent lighting designers, light artists, interior designers, and architects are eligible to vote. Find more information about voting here.

Voting opened the 2nd of March and closes on Friday the 26th March (23:59 GMT)

All winners will be revealed at [d]arc awards online awards party scheduled to take place on Thursday 29th April. There will be a physical event planned for later in the year.

darc awards 2020

Let’s list here the Darc Awards 2020 Shortlisted projects by Eleftheria Deko and Associates Lighting Studio. Congratulations team!

  • 1/4: In category D – Structures (Best Exterior Scheme) High Budget you can find one of my favorite projects: Acropolis of Athens and Monuments, Greece (This project has a special place to my heart 😉 more on another post)

~ Read the project description here> https://darcawards.com/…/acropolis-of-athens-and…/

darc awards Acropolis of Athens
Photography: Gavriil Papadiotis
  • 2/4: In category D – Structures (Best Exterior Scheme) High Budget you can find also, the second shortlisted project, the Athens International Airport – South Wing, Greece (How much I wish we could travel again? The colorful and full white scheme are my favorites.)

~ Read the project description here> https://darcawards.com/…/athens-international-airport…/

darc awards edeko
Photography: Gavriil Papadiotis
  • 3/4: In category A – Places (Best Interior Scheme) Low Budget, the Project Raycap – Meeting Rooms, Greece is Shortlisted. (You must check all the photos on the link below)

~ Read the project description here> https://darcawards.com/portf…/raycap-meeting-rooms-greece/

edeko Raycap shortlisted darc awards
Photography: Giorgos Sfakianakis
  • 4/4: And lastly, in category J – Event (Best Creative Lighting Event) you can find the fantastic show of the Acropolis Lights Launch Event, Greece

~ Read the project description here> https://darcawards.com/…/acropolis-lights-launch-event…/

 edeko Acropolis Audiovisual launch show
Photography: Gavriil Papadiotis

For this project you must watch this video >

Let’s list now the Darc Awards 2020 Shortlisted projects by Studiotech. Congratulations to Studiotech and to all your collaborator architects and lighting designers!

  • 1/4 In Category H: ART ( BEST LIGHT ART INSTALLATION) – HIGH BUDGET, you can find the interactive public installation The Helix, UK

~ Read the project description here> https://darcawards.com/portfolio/the-helix-uk/

  • 2/4 In category G: ART ( BEST LIGHT ART INSTALLATION) – LOW BUDGET: The very interesting underground wellbeing studio West Gate Studio, UK, lighting design by Artin Light.

~ Read the project description here> https://darcawards.com/portfolio/west-gate-studio-uk/

  • 3/4 In category B : PLACES (BEST INTERIOR SCHEME): HIGH BUDGET with Lighting Design by the Grosvenor House, Sheffield

~ Read the project description here>  https://darcawards.com/portfolio/grosvenor-house-uk/

  • 4/4: In category F SPACES (Best Landscape) – HIGH BUDGET, the Rochdale Riverside Public Realm, UK lighting design by Planit-IE, UK

~ Read the project description here> https://darcawards.com/portfolio/rochdale-riverside-public-realm-uk/

I personally have great memories from Darc Awards 2019 as last year my beloved project Where The Rainbow Ends won the Art: High Budget award. Where The Rainbow Ends is one of my favorite projects from my collaboration with my first lighting family and team Urban Electric (now Light Electric). 

Time to close this blog with this photo of me being extremely happy and sending my warmest wishes and good luck to all the shortlisted projects and teams.

Very best,


Can’t wait to see you all on the virtual event!

 darc awards 2019 winner

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