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Take a journey through our world of light and inspiration. Here, we are curating a collection of our favorite moments, events, talks, publications, videos, and beautiful experiences that we’ve gathered throughout our journey in light.

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Our Discovery Board is more than just a collection of moments—it’s a space for empowerment and inspiration. Whether you’re an experienced lighting professional or a curious lighting enthusiast, we invite you to scroll, explore, and discover the endless possibilities that light has to offer taking notes and saving various activities and global events you shall attend! 

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We love talking about light 

At the heart of our passion lies a fascination with light – its power to captivate, evoke emotions, and shape the world around us. We are dedicated to generating a deeper appreciation for light, encouraging individuals to observe it with intention, and unlocking its potential to transform spaces and inspire profound moments of presence.

Katia has had the privilege of sharing her insights on light with diverse audiences across the globe. Her talks span a spectrum of topics, ranging from the profound impact of light on health and effective communication to the realms of light art, immersive experiences, emotional resonance, social media, and mentorship, among others.

35+ talks in person and online since 2018

Athens - Berlin - Barcelona - Dubai - Frankfurt - London - Madrid - Mexico City - Rotterdam - Stockholm

“Going back to the place where everything started…”

!I am beyond excited for my very first talk of 2024, this time in my home country Athens, back to my very first university where I studied Interior Architecture and got passionate about design architecture and light!
I am feeling honored and grateful to be back there with a great responsibility to represent the lighting design profession and plant some “light” seeds to the interior design students 🎓😊✨️Back to University of West Attica. Such a special and fullfilling experience! One of my favorite moments was when we switched off all the lights to fully immerse ourselves in Richard’s Kelly Principles!
Katia Kolovea Talk - Richard Kelly Principles
Katia Kolovea Talk back to University
Katia Kolovea @Light23 representing The Lighting Police
The Lighting Police @Light23
Katia Kolovea Beacons of light Series

Beacons of Light

I’m deeply honoured to be recognised as a Beacon of Light for DW Windsor series of interviews, highlighting a number of unique and inspiring people who are leading the way as Beacons of Light. I dedicate this gratitude and empowerment to the incredible people in my life who have greatly contributed to my personal and professional journey and have played an essential role in igniting and nurturing my inner light. Those are my Beacons of Light!

Beacons of Light - screenshot from Linkedin Post

“Everything is connected. If you are willing to trust the journey, work hard and enjoy the process, everything falls into place.”

Katia Kolovea - for Beacons of Light series of Interviews

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