/there is only one map to the journey of life and it lives within your heart/. Willie Nelson

Where am I coming from?

I was born and raised in one of the most beautiful Mediterranean countries, Greece!


What do I do?

I have a Bachelor Degree in Interior Architecture, Decoration and product design from TEI of Athens and ESD of Madrid and in 2018 I completed my Master of Science in Architectural Lighting Design in KTH, Stockholm (If you want to know more about my professional background check out my CV). I am always seeking to attend international conferences, lighting festivals, creative design workshops where I can expand my educational knowledge and experience through collaborations with worldwide creatives while on the same time, discovering new countries and cities. I live in London and I am working as a lighting designer in Urban Electric company. In Urban Electric we create ephemeral lighting Installations for fashion shows, product launches, private events and immersive experiences in indoor and outdoor spaces. You can check our portfolio here! We are merging qualities of the architectural lighting with film and events lighting. I absolutely LOVE MY JOB! 

One of my lifelong dreams is to visit as many countries as possible and experience their design, culture, daylight, and nightscape. Even though I am still, in the beginning, I am very grateful for every single trip that I have taken in my life. 15 Countries, 48 cities. Soon, I will start writing travel blogs for most of them so you can come again and check them out.

What do I love? 

For the last 6 years, my passion for design, culture, and travel led me to live abroad in four European cities for educational and professional reasons,Madrid, Barcelona, Stockholm and currently London. I speak Greek, English, Spanish and French (One year in Sweden wasn't enough to be able to speak Swedish too 😛 ). Expanding my borders and experiencing different cultures by living abroad is a source of inspiration for me!
It's not only about traveling the world, but it's also about the feeling of being a global citizen and being able to adapt to new places, experience different weather conditions, meet new passionate and creative people and realize that we are all one at the end of the day! I feel so delighted to have good friends from Australia, Albania, Brazil, Chile, Croatia, France, Greece, Germany, Iran, Italy, India, Iceland, Japan, Jordan, Latvia, Mexico, the Netherlands, Peru, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States. They have been influencing my life for the last six years and I am very grateful for all of them.
From Athens to Madrid, from Madrid to Barcelona, from Barcelona to Stockholm and right now in London ( I moved here on June 2018), there are so many unforgettable moments, experiences and random thoughts. It is not always easy but it is definitely the best way to jump outside of my comfort zone and "spread my wings".  Living abroad has been the best decision I have ever made and I totally recommended you to experience it at least for once in your life.


Would you like to know about my passions? 

My strongest passions are light, traveling and sharing inspiration with people through public speaking and archifos blog.

Light, because it is magicaluntouchable and it is able to create emotions and atmospheres.

Travelling, because it is exciting to discover that inspiration can be everywhere, you just need to challenge yourself, jump out of your comfort zone and be willing to see the world with open eyes and an open heart!

Sharing inspiration? Well, if you find a small thing on archifos that will inspire and motivate you for anything like creating, researching, traveling etc, please let me know! I will be extremely happy to hear from you =)

Public Speaking, I have been fortunate to meet amazing people all over the world who inspired me with their words and presentations. I want to become one of them and inspire people to understand the importance of LIGHT in our lives 🙂

In 2018 the journey begun. I officially started talking in front of my colleagues, peers and professionals of the lighting design world thanks to Light Collective and two lighting speaking competitions. Light Collective invited me to talk in Darc room 2018 in London and gave me this amazing opportunity to be on stage and share my passion (You can see my very first presentation here. Thank you Sharon and Martin!!! Last November, in London, during the Luxlive show, I presented my KTH research as a finalist of the Young Lighter of the Year speaking competition and received the best presentation award from the Sociaty of Light and Lighting.



What is archifos?

Once, I read a quote that influenced my whole perception of life:
"If you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to GO FAR, GO TOGETHER"

◆Archifos is my personal project for sharing inspiration, ideas, experiences, knowledge with an intention to connect and interact with more people who are willing to share and inspire each other.

◆In other words, ARCHIFOS is an inspiring platform focusing on the power of light in architecture, design, art and everyday life. The word is a blend of the greek words: "Archi" + "Fos" > translated as "start" + "light". For me everything starts with the light. The light that allows you to see and experience the surrounding space. The light that makes you feel and observe!

◆What do I want to accomplish with this project? I want to raise awareness of the importance of light, connect with the lighting community and meet and collaborate with passionate creatives all over the globe.