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Hi everyone, I am Katia, if we have already met, three words can describe what I stand for: LIGHT, Passion, and Community. If we haven’t met yet, let me tell you briefly who I am, why I am here, and what is Archifos all about.


I am a London-based multidisciplinary designer, fascinated by the interaction of light with space, people, and emotions. I have been part of a variety of international projects from stage lighting design to event lighting, private parties, high-end brand presentations, product lighting, and public art installations to mention a few. 🧡My personal objective on every project is to create magical, immersive, and multi-sensory experiences.


During my Master’s degree at KTH in Stockholm, we had the chance to create a temporary public art experience for the Nattljus light festival. This project was the catalyst to my decision to concentrate on more interactive and engaging lighting experiences. Observing people from all age groups, playing with light, having fun, and interacting with the installation and each other, was incredibly fulfilling. It was at this moment, I realized this is what I wanted to do. 


Creating spaces and experiences full of emotions for people to dive in, discover, and understand how Light has this magical power to stimulate our emotions and the spaces that surround us. This is why I decided to research Light as a Medium of Communication in Urban Spaces for my MSc dissertation. 


🌈One of my favorite design based projects has been my collaboration with the Urban Electric team and German Ermics commissioned by Instagram, “Where the Rainbow Ends”, for which we received a [d]arc Best Light Art Scheme - High Budget award. 


When I am not designing or experimenting with light, I am focusing on the community and try my best to further expand the Lighting design profession. Through my brand Archifos, I always strive to share and enrich my knowledge, exchange ideas, passion, and inspiration focusing on the power of light in architecture, design art, and designer’s everyday life. Have a look at the new section 🌟Share the Light full of industry webinars, recorded videos, and registration links.


Currently, through my brand Archifos, I have been collaborating with Light Collective and Formalighting, curating, and managing the social media channels for the Women in Lighting project. Check it out here!


🎤Very early in my career, I discovered my passion for public speaking and communication. Since 2018, I have been participating in international speaking engagements, events, conferences, panels, competitions, and, currently, I have been experimenting with webinars, Instagram live and other means to communicate my message. So many wonderful things to come! 

You can watch some online: Darc room 2018 | Women in Lighting Interview 2019| Clerkenwell Design Week Panel 2019 | PLDC 2019 | WIL Pecha Kucha 2019| RAW Series Host 2020|


How we can work and create together:

As a multidisciplinary designer, I am open to a wide range of International collaborations focusing on: 

> Lighting Design [ Conceptual Design, Storytelling, Vision & Strategy, Technical processes, Project Management, Hands-on, Reviewing and overseeing processes on Site, Mock-ups,  CGI lighting consultation]

> Public Speaking [ Speaking engagements, CPDs, Workshops, Panels, Presentations]

> Communication [ Event Curation, Social Media Strategy, Creative Direction, Branding, and Marketing experiences]

💬If you already have an idea or are wondering how we could work together, get in touch with me through a private message here or on my Linkedin profile. 


✈️Me and Travelling:
For the last 6 years, my passion for design, culture, and travel led me to live abroad in four European cities for educational and professional reasons after completing my BSc in Athens. I moved to Madrid, Barcelona, Stockholm, and currently London. I speak Greek, English, Spanish, and French (One year in Sweden wasn't enough to be able to speak Swedish too 😛 ). Expanding my borders and experiencing different cultures by living abroad is a source of inspiration for me!
It's not only about traveling the world, but it's also about the feeling of being a global citizen and being able to adapt to new places, experience different weather conditions, meet new passionate and creative people and realize that we are all one at the end of the day! I feel so delighted to have good friends from Australia, Albania, Brazil, Chile, Croatia, France, Greece, Germany, Iran, Italy, India, Iceland, Japan, Jordan, Latvia, Mexico, the Netherlands, Peru, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States. They have been influencing my life for the last six years and I am very grateful for all of them.
From Athens to Madrid, from Madrid to Barcelona, from Barcelona to Stockholm, from Stockholm to London, there are so many unforgettable moments, experiences, and random thoughts. It is not always easy but it is definitely the best way to jump outside of my comfort zone and "spread my wings".  Living abroad has been the best decision I have ever made and I totally recommended you to experience it at least once in your life.



What is archifos?

Once, I read a quote that influenced my whole perception of life:
"If you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to GO FAR, GO TOGETHER"

The word is a blend of the Greek words: "Archi" + "Fos" > translated as "start" + "light". For me, everything starts with the light. The light that allows you to see and experience the surrounding space. The light that makes you feel and observe!

★Archifos is my personal brand for sharing inspiration, ideas, experiences, knowledge with the mission to raise awareness about the importance of well-designed light in everyday life and work with various industries to further education and understanding.